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September 26th, 2005 at 08:43 am

Over the weekend I returned a bunch of soda cans/bottles and made $13. I also developed arachnaphobia. Apparently, if you store your sticky cans in your basement, spiders like to create little webs and make babies that live around the pile. While taking a break from sorting Shaws vs Stop and Shop cans, I went to use the restroom. As I am on the..you know...I turn my neck to see this qiant (larger than a quarter) sized black spider crawling up my shoulder towards my face!!!!!! I freaked out, ripped my clothes off, and freakishly ran around the house swirling my arms around my body and screaming...hoping that there weren't any more crawling on me.

I returned what seemed like hundreds of sticky, smelly, moldy cans for a measily $13. I returned home, avoided the basement, and took a shower. The boyfriend wanted meat for dinner and conveniently "forgot" his wallet at home...so i quickly lost my $13 for a large roast.

That night, I woke up screaming and wailing my arms around...because i had convinced myself that there was a spider crawling up my neck. Now all I can think is "great, you work with schizophrenics at a psych hospital, and now you have also developed hallucinations of spiders. Check me in!!!"

So let me list the ways I have become a mental patient since starting the "Savings Adventure":
1. Developed arachnophobia (from sorting cans in the basement)
2. Developed agoraphobia (fear of leaving house) because if I leave the house I will spend money.
3. Developed OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) because I am obsessively cleaning the house as a "new hobby" since all my other hobbies cost money.
4. Bad eating habits (dont want to pay for expensive healthy food, so have been on the "mac n cheese" diet
5. Possibly developed high cholesterol and weight gain due to unhealthy eating and not leaving house.

Has anyone else developed crazy new habits from saving???

2 Responses to “Saving=Arachnaphobia”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I chuckled at your entry. I also got a touch of agoraphobia when I first became frugal. I really felt like my options for leaving the house were limited b/c there are so many places you need to spend money to gain access. And it adds up. It has curtailed my circle of mobility in some ways, but with a little preparation, I'm working around it. For example we bought an annual pass to the state parks. This opens up new places for us to go and picnic or hike when the weather permits.

    When we go to the mall now, which is rarely, I feel totally out of my element, sort of like we are outsiders looking in. Chances are that if we are there, its for a definite purpose, but it feels odd b/c I know that we have very different ideas about money than the rest of the people there.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Along with trying to hold on to my money, I've started saving things I'd normally throw away--rubber bands, bits of twine, etc. (At least I keep them in organized, labeled containers, though.)

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