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Too cheap to drive to...

September 24th, 2005 at 03:07 pm

my best friend's apartment after work. Everyone is freaking out that gas prices after Hurricane Rita will be up in the $4 range again. I have been filling up twice a week as it is from the long work commute, and have become so obsessed with saving money that im not even visiting my friends...that seems sick, doesnt it?

This really is week 3 of my strict savings and frugalness. Now that I have been obsessed with not spending, I have been afraid to leave the house. There is so much I want: new bed linnens, a black cardigan, some new itunes, etc. im afraid that i will be tempted to buy something i dont really need.

The worst part is that i dont know how to act or what to tell people when they invite me out for drinks, dinner, lunch...i want to spend time with friends and go out with co-workers, but I really cant afford it right now. Have you ever gotten the "eye roll" from your co-workers when you say you can't afford to go out? I know that i have certainly given the eye roll to co-workers of mine in my pre-frugal days. So anyways, because i have been basically avoiding friends and long car rides, I have become obsessed with cleaning and organizing everything in my house. i think it is to keep me from thinking about how anti-social i have become over my current financial situation...

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Oh man, whatever happened to the good old-fashioned little white lie? This works well if your friends and co workers are two mutually exclusive groups. If you have over lap, this strategy could get a little dangerous...

    Invite #1. Co workers...
    Say - "that sounds like a lot of fun, but I have other plans." If pressed, say, "with friends."

    Invite #2. Friends...
    Say - "that sounds like a lot of fun, but I have other plans." If pressed, say, "drinks with co workers."

    The phrase "other plans" is the frugal person's best-friend phrase. Also, to mix it up... "I'm a little short this month and I was planning to spend a nice quiet weekend at home."

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