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Caught fish for dinner

September 19th, 2005 at 05:16 pm

No money spent today-that is a first in a very long time! But, can I avoid Starbucks another day?

Got home, didnt do any house cleaning, and never went to the grocery store to return those cans either. Instead R and I went on a Long Island sound fishing adventure...didn't do too bad either. Now we have dinner and I can avoid the grocery store one more night. And the best part is-HE COOKS THE FISH! YESSS!!!! What a great deal for me!

Ladies-find a man who will fish and cook it- you will save money on not having to buy meat, and you get to put your feet up for a change (until the dishes are dirty at least!)

Goals for tomorrow:
AM: avoid Starbucks
Lunch-time: Avoid Cappuccino's
Late-afternoon: Avoid shopping malls
Evening: Avoid the grocery store AGAIN
remember to watch the finale of Rock Star.

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